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San Ricardo Farm & Lodge is a nest of peace and green spirit but may ask for these other action to go here and there….

-Exclusively upon prior reservation income

– Alive musical shows at San Ricardo can be seen, marimba play, mayan fluits, mayan or prehispanic whistles, drums, guitar with a guatemalan storyteller singer and our folkloric dances.  Everything is possible at San Ricardo, but is available upon request within 24 hours.

– Guided tours – footpaths hills, rivers, vegtable crops, flower crops, villages nearby, fishing area and pic-nic day, weaving mayan workshops.  Rates varies from US$5.00 up to US$15.00

– Tractor field trips and learn about agriculture, corn crops, milking cows, collecting fresh eggs, harvesting.

– Horseback riding journeys around the farm from 1 hour up to 3 jhours, visiting other villages and neighbor farms bringing lunch box or any special dietary suggestions.

– Biking by yourself around the farm of guided through other places, we tailor your needs.

Minimum groups of 4 members and maximum of 8.

For more information please visit Tecpan  at:

www.inforpressca.com/tecpan dont miss it, Everything about our Flora and Fauna, scientific names on specific Tecpan´ s species, birdwatching inventory, trees, butterflies.

If you are able to stay a little longer… come and learn Spanish language or Kaqchiquel Mayan alive language at Tecpan´s Ka´Ka´Na´Oj Spanish School, good rates, personalized attention in a natural enviorment.

San Ricardo Farm & Lodge also has been working with Volunteers, they do have special treatment for a shor, medium or long term stay working in almost any issues like: Agribusiness, Health, Dairy, Horses, International Cooking, Marketing, E-Commerce …. you name it and help mayan communities.  The farm will make arrangements for your help and experience a magical touch, feel and live it!

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